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  • What are NTN’s standard greases? 2AS (Shell Alvania 2S), 5K (Kyodo Yushi Multemp SRL) and 3AS (Shell Alvania 3S) are considered NTN standard greases. L627 (Mobil Polyrex EM) is the current standard grease for most aftermarket inventory. 5K is the standard for micro-size bearings. 3AS is the standard in bearing units.
  • What is good high temperature grease? NTN has close to 700 greases listed. To pick one for a specific application requires more application information.
  • Which grease is best suited for most general bearings? The current NTN standard grease for unknown aftermarket applications is L627 (Mobil Polyrex EM). In most cases a quality general-purpose lithium- or polyurea-thickened grease will work.
  • How much grease is too much? For general applications a grease fill of 30% of the free space in the bearing is accepted as standard by most manufacturers. Slow speed applications in harsh environments (such as agricultural machinery) can sometimes require a larger fill. High speed applications (i.e. hand tools) can require a lesser fill. Check with NTN engineering for any special requirements.
  • What grease can be used when performing maintenance on mounted units? Standard bearing unit inserts are pre-lubed with a lithium soap grease (Shell Alvania 3S). Relubrication should be a grease with the same soap/thickener (lithium).
  • What does each grease code identify? The grease code on a bearing number identifies the manufacturer, brand, and fill quantity.



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