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  • Does internal clearance affect the bearing precision (C3 vs. P3)? C3 is an internal clearance, or the amount of internal free space between the rolling elements and the raceways of a bearing. P3 does not exist. P6 is an ISO tolerance class equivalent to ABEC-3, or the accuracy the bearing is manufactured to. Clearance does not affect tolerance and tolerance does not affect clearance.
  • Explain the difference between C3 and normal clearance? Clearance classes are established by ABMA. C3 is a clearance specification one class larger than "C Normal" (sometimes referred to as "C0" in deep groove radial ball bearings).
  • Is there a chart that shows radial clearance ranges in both metric & inches? NTN does not generally publish clearance tables with inch dimensions.
  • What is preload? Preload is an initial load or "negative clearance" given to a bearing before or during operation. This results in the rolling element and raceway surfaces being under constant elastic compressive forces at their contact points. This has the effect of making the bearing extremely rigid so that even when load is applied to the bearing, radial or axial shaft displacement is minimized.
  • Is it safe to use a C3 fit in place of a standard fit? C3 is not a fit, it is an internal clearance. Fit is how tight or loose the shaft and housing hold the bearing in place. In most electric motor rebuild applications a C3 clearance can be used in place of a normal clearance. Contact NTN engineering for other applications.
  • What is the difference between ABEC-3 and C3? Does the fit get better going up to C4 or down to C2? ABEC-3 is an ABMA tolerance class. C3 is an internal clearance specification. Fit is the relationship between the bearing bore and outside diameters to the housing bore and shaft outside diameter. Tolerance, clearance, and fit are independent dimensions, although in some cases choosing a larger internal clearance can allow you to use a tighter interference fit. Please contact NTN engineering for details.



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