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  • Does NTN make angular contact bearings? NTN makes a full line of standard and high-speed angular contact bearings.
  • What is the designation for sets (pairs) on your angular contact bearings? Paired arrangements for angular contact bearings are designated as “D2” (universal flush ground pair), “DB” (matched back-to-back pair), “DF” (matched face-to-face pair) and “DT” (matched tandem pair).
  • Does NTN make angular contact bearings with steel cages? NTN makes a selection of cage options, including steel for our angular contact bearings.
  • What is back-to-back and face-to-face in angular contact bearings? Back-to-back (DB) or face-to-face (DF) are duplex arrangements of angular contact bearings (can also refer to taper bearings). Radial loads and axial loads in either direction can be accommodated by these arrangements. DB arrangements have a large spread between the bearing centers and should be selected when a rigid shaft is required for the application. DF arrangements have a very short spread between centers and should be applied when slight shaft misalignment is needed. The DB arrangement requires the inner rings to be clamped whereas the DF arrangement requires the outer rings to be clamped.
  • What is the difference between angular contact bearings and deep groove ball bearings? Deep groove ball bearings are a non-separable type bearing with the line connecting contact points of the inner ring, steel ball, and outer ring of 0º in the radial direction. They are designed to take mainly radial loads but can handle some axial load in either direction. Angular contact bearings are also a non-separable type. The line connecting contact points of the inner ring, steel ball, and outer ring creates an angle with the line drawn in the radial direction called the contact angle. Angular contact bearings can accommodate relatively heavy axial loads in one direction in addition to radial loads. The larger the contact angle, the larger the axial loading capacity becomes.



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