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  • What is the “4T-” prefix used for? The “4T-” prefix designates a tapered roller bearing that is made of a special grade of case-hardened bearing steel and is interchangeable with other manufacturers taper with the same part number.
  • What is the difference between LLB & LLU seals? The "LB" seal is a non-contact seal for reduced torque or higher speed requirements. The "LU" seal is contact seal for better grease contamination control, but the contact friction increases torque and lowers the limiting speed.
  • What is the nomenclature for Precision Bearings (P4, P5, Tolerances)? NTN follows the ISO precision tolerance classes of P0, P6, P5, P4 and P2, which are equivalent to ABMA classes ABEC 1, ABEC 3, ABEC 5, ABEC 7 and ABEC 9, respectively.
  • What is the difference between T & D1 or what is the designation for an oil hole? D1 always denotes a relube feature (any bearing). T is old nomenclature for inch dimensioned bearing units housings with a relube feature.
  • What is the designation for a bronze cage on cylindrical roller bearings? Usually a G1 suffix is used to indicate a bronze or brass cage in a cylindrical roller bearing. In rare applications an L1 type cage has been used as well.
  • What is the designation for a tapered bore on spherical roller bearings? A tapered bore on any NTN bearing (except tapered roller bearings) is a “K” (1 to 12 ratio) or “K30” (1 to 30 ratio) suffix.
  • What does CE or C0 fit mean? NTN does not use "CE" or "C0". These are competitor terms for electric motor and normal internal clearances. Clearance does not indicate any type of fit.
  • What does V1 mean at the end of the deep groove ball bearing nomenclature? For NTN "V1" stands for the first special variation on this basic part number. This suffix lettering does not indicate any specific features. A print will have to be reviewed to see the exact special features.
  • What does U3A mean at the end of the deep groove ball bearing nomenclature? In a part number like 6313ZZC3/2AU3A the "U3A" can be a packaging code or specific customer identification code. This does not affect the bearing features.
  • What does LD1NR mean? LD1NR is the current suffix used on cylindrical outer ring bearing unit inserts. The "L" indicates it meets the new Japanese Industrial Specifications. The "D1" indicates it has a relube feature. The "NR" means it has a snap ring groove and snap ring on the outer diameter. This new suffix (LD1NR) will replace the older suffix D1NR on all future stock orders on this type of bearing.



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