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  • Where is the nearest distributor or field sales person? Contact customer service at 1-800-323-2358 and they can put you in touch with the area sales representative or local distributor. Or, search for an NTN Authorized Distributor here [LINK TO: 3.0 – DISTRIBUTOR SEARCH].
  • Does NTN have field engineering support? How do I schedule a visit? NTN does provide engineering field support to our customers. Contact your local NTN sales representative to arrange a visit.
  • Load ratings seem to vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, is there a single method that can be used to compare like styles of bearings? Load ratings don't really vary from among manufacturers, the methods used to calculate load ratings is different. Some manufacturers use the ABMA standard, some use the US Industry standard, some use equivalent dynamic load calculations. In general if the internal design is the same the load ratings will be equivalent.
  • What factors should be considered when choosing a bearing? All application data (loads, speeds, orientation, etc.), intended use, and environment.
  • Where are specific bearing types manufactured, plant-by-plant? NTN has manufacturing plants in Asia, the Americas, and Europe that each produce a wide variety of product types. Contact NTN engineering for specific bearing inquires.
  • Does NTN have any OEM programs similar to Timken? Contact the NTN Sales department.
  • Are BCA parts/drawings going to be available? NTN is continuing to support the BCA product line. Individual prints can be requested through NTN engineering.
  • What does the term "electric motor quality" mean? The term "electric motor quality" is freely used in describing bearings that meet a perceived "higher" level of quality than the standard ABEC-1 bearing. Contact NTN marketing for an Electric Motor Quality brochure.



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